Ripple by Havel Ruck Projects

Ripple by Havel Ruck Projects

February 17, 2018 - January 6, 2019

OPENS Februrary 23, 2018
Special Weekend Celebration February 23-25!

Havel Ruck Projects (Dan Havel and Dean Ruck) is an artist collaborative that works in public and private environments to repurpose architectural structures and remnants into works of art. For their artist in residency at Cherryhurst House, they have transformed an unremarkable on-site dwelling into an extraordinary sculptural space titled Ripple.    

Inspired by a series of drawings by Leonardo da Vinci about the power of nature and Gordon Matta-Clark’s architectural deconstructions of the 1970s, Havel Ruck has treated the walls, ceilings and floors throughout the 1300 square foot residency space at Cherryhurst House as layers to be excavated. Using drill saws and other tools to make cutout drawings into the structure, the artists have physically removed, rearranged and layered pieces of the interior to create an immersive ripple effect of hypnotic swirling shapes, lines, craters and patterns that are about transformation and reverberation within and beyond a domestic space.

Accompanying their large-scale sculpture is an exhibition of the artists’ solo works titled: In Conversation: Painting, Assemblage and
Sculpture by Dean Ruck and Dan Havel.

About Havel Ruck Projects:

Havel Ruck Projects have made a variety of site specific works in Houston, Texas, including "Torrent”, 2011, a permanent public art sculpture for the City of Houston Permit and Licensing Building and "Fifth Ward Jam", a temporary public art park in Fifth Ward Houston.  In 2014, Art League Houston selected HRP as Texas Artists of the Year. As part of the award, they created a site-specific sculpture titled “Three Houses” in their Art League’s main gallery. In 2016, Havel Ruck Projects created a new work, “Sharp”, using a condemned house, in collaboration with “Seeds of Sharpstown”

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