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Seen, heard and done at Cherryhurst House.

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I See My Cousins Climbing, Self Portrait No.46

Daniela in Mi Tierra at Denver Art Museum

Daniela Edburg (AIR 2015) exhibits at Denver Art Museum!

Bats Should Run the Country

Walking Lucy, Self Portrait No. 42

Self portrait #???

Funny Hats with Tod and Dallas

Were your eyes bigger than your stomach?

Keeping an eye out on Thanksgiving. 

#truckstopbathroom #frogcity #rayne #louisiana

Dallas found faux marble at a truckstop.

Christian and Heather

 (Behind the camera: Alexis Kidd!)


The Day Of has arrived. ISFB opened to the public today.

Three Days Before

In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful. Installation gratification!

On the road. Dallas' and Jonathan's Site and Sound collaboration begins in the dunes...

Heather Johnson 12 days before installation of In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful

Jonathan Freilich and Dallas McNamara on the road. From his ears and her eyes only. For the time being. Stay tuned... 

No umbrella needed here. At Cadillac Ranch near Armadillo, TX. With our latest artist in residence Jonathan Freilich and Dallas McNamara.

#galvestonbeach #selfportrait with #artistinresident @lilbloody #herbiehancock

Lucy, Heather and Dallas seize the day, in Galveston...

#sunrise #jamesterrell @riceuniversity #selfportrait with my amiga Chelsea #theskatalites

Chelsea and Dallas dance Terrell

Remnants of 1,000+ RDA tour visitors at CH yesterday abnd the day before. 

Daniela's Mossmakers

Speaking of moss...

Heather's on the move again.

At last!

Pablo Gimenez Zapiola's World

Pablo's projections at the Cherryhurst House soiree for FotoFest 2016 guest reviewers and friends.

#screendoor #margaritas #fotofest

Heather Johnson, aka "In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful," is back in town!

Houston Chronicle reports on the Good Brick Award

Get out the swizzel sticks! Ed's concocting recipes for the RDA tour.

Sensory Memory and Creative Preservation

Monica Pope shared her bounty with us today. 

Preservation Houston's 2016 Good Brick Award comes to Cherryhurst House

Cherryhurst House is a recipient of the 2016 Good Brick Award! 



313 = Cherryhurst House at the HCP auction.

Sparrow 25

The Pope taste tests her liquid creation. The crowd was pleased.

#happymardigras ya'll! Photo taken by @porchewest

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!

Martha's Cooking!

Wowed by Rothko

@shinyribs #ComingIntoTheHomestretch @sugarhillstudios

Shinyribs' Kevin Russell is a welcome guest at CH this week.

Victoria Lightman of Looking at Art

Victoria is in the living room.

#ChristmasLights #BalmyNights

Cherryhurst House's nephew (Clayton) and pooch (Lucy) are shining brightly under the holiday tree.

An Afternoon at Cherryhurst House

Rachel Afi Quinn and Eesha Pandit

Barbara and Enrique light up the wishing tree on the porch.

Collage Club in the Cherryhurst House Studio: Cut, clip, tear and glue...

Quilter Luke Haynes at the Rothko Chapel in Houston

Pumpkins on the porch

Halloween 2015

Thuy Tran of Rothko Chapel thanks the Moonrise on the Plaza event hosts.

Cajun Super Star Chef Joel Galleano

Joel and the blender were rockin' in the kitchen while making espresso gelato and smoked caramel sauce. 

Thedra Cullar and Home in TIme

Thedra Cullar-Ledford with Home in TIme (Barbara Levine, 2015)


#ArtistInResidence @magentamalibu has packed up her #photographs and #CrochetNeedles and is heading back to her home in #SanMiguelDeAllende but not before #crocheting a miniature version #InnerGarden for Lucy.

Not long ago at Cherryhurst House...

Artist John @chakeres tutoring @dallasmcnamara on the intricate ways of the mighty #epson printer beast.

Experimenting with the Epson printer.

Ann and Jim Harithas stop by for a chat, with Out of Place artists Daniela Edburg and Barbara Levine and friends.

Casita construction in process